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From luxury apartments to sprawling lifestyle villages. From License to Occupy to Freehold titles. From Omokoroa to Golden Sands join me as I investigate and report back.

Tauranga has long held a reputation as a favourite retirement destination.

The stunning beaches and moderate climate brought retiring Waikato farmers here in their droves.

Although the demographics have changed, Tauranga remains a beautiful city in which to live and retire.

There are now dozens of downsizing and retirement locations and my mission is to visit every one and report back to help you choose the BEST Tauranga Downsizing Location.

Are you ready to kick back?

Are you looking over at the low maintenance villages and suburbs where the lawn mower can be retired and the maintenance forgotten while you play a leisurely game of golf or have a long coffee with friends?

I invite you to join me and follow my updates. Don’t miss a moment! Click here for the journey and an independent point of view


I will visit every downsizing and retirement location in Tauranga and report back with a viewpoint created from first impressions, interviews, tours and first hand experiences.

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Please keep in touch and let me know your questions and concerns.

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